Piri Piri


My name is Lilly Piri. I am a junior developer, visual artist, and illustrator from Brisbane, Australia. I have a BA in Information Management and Librarianship.
I created this blog to share some of my painting and art knowledge, as well as to document my journey as I learn to code.

This blog was built by me in Ruby on Rails. A few of my other projects include:

30 Apps in 30 Days
Unicorn and Friends sticker app
Art Ideas Generator
Magic 8 Ball
Pomogotchi (this was made in 48 hours for Ruby Rampage Hackathon.)
Ski Flee (This was made in 48 hours for Node Knockout, by me, Ben Hoad, and Nathan Hoad.)

You can check out the code for some of these on my github.

To check out my art, have a look at my site lillypiri.com or my instagram where I document my daily painting project!